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At Skillridge Partner, we help businesses leverage on cloud-based technology for seamless accounting and better financial control. Learn how you can start right, accelerate growth and focus on your business.

Save time and money

Businesses worldwide have embraced cloud accounting because it helps to automate and streamline business processes, facilitate management of manpower costs as well as improve efficiency and performance.

  • Reduce time required to process staff salaries and payments to suppliers 

  • Minimise the risk of payment errors

  • Bank transactions can be imported into the accounting software automatically

  • Eliminate the need to perform manual data entry or manual bank reconciliations

  • Always have a reliable, accurate and up-to-date view of cash flow

Better data security and business continuity

While On-premises data backup and updating accounting software can be common, with cloud accounting, data backup and software updates are automated. This reduces IT support bills and ensures that financial data remains secure. Business owners will always have the latest version of the cloud software. It also ensures business continuity when unforeseen disasters such as power outrages, floods or other natural calamities strike that you have to work from home.

Quicker financial management

Cloud-based accounting systems have the ability to provide business owners with real-time information on their finances. A professional cloud accounting advisor can also help business owners combine key financial and non-financial data, creating meaningful information that can be used to better manage their operations and cash flow. Financial and operational information will not be meaningful unless they are current, relevant and presented in a manner that is easily understood.

Enhanced collaboration

Sharing financial information with your business partners, accountants, managers and other staff based in different locations can be challenging with traditional accounting systems. Cloud-based software makes accessing such data and documents convenient. Information is stored and accessible at a single source through the web using desktops, laptops and mobile devices, making collaboration with others hassle-free. It also enables the provision of accurate accounting advice to business owners in real time for greater convinience.


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The benefits of outsourcing


As business owners are always having to look into increasing numerous activities to ensure a growing and successful business, they have to make efficient use time for maximum productivity. By outsourcing time consuming & non core business activities such as accounting and HR tasks like invoice & data entry, account receivables and payable, payroll, bookkeeping etc, businesses can reduce the efforts and free up time, which can be better spent on growing your business. There are several reasons why more and more business owners are looking to outsourcing as a way toward a more productive business operation. Having specialists handling these accounting tasks is an excellent choice as this will eliminate the cost of hiring a full-time accountant, providing a work-space for employee (desk, computer, etc.), job related training cost, payroll tax, and employee compensation and health insurance benefits.


1. Time-saving

You won’t have to spend time hiring and training employees. Outsourcing your accounting function is an ideal solution where it is not yet feasible or cost-effective to recruit staff to provide accounting and bookkeeping support.

2. Reduce business cost

With outsourcing, you only pay for the services you need, when you need them. There is no need to worry about covering periods of absence due to holidays, sick and hospitalisation leave. Moreover, the traditional cost that comes along with the hiring of staff such as employee medical, insurance and staff training costs would also be eliminated by using an outsourced accounting service.

3. Flexibility

You can scale our service up or down in line with your accounting needs as your business grows. When starting out it’s often hard to justify the cost of employing in house accounting or bookkeeping resources. However, when the need to have an in house accounts department arises, taking over from outsourced accountant can be done quickly and efficiently without much hassle.

4. Leverage on emerging cloud accounting technology

Access your financial record anytime and anywhere by using a cloud-based accounting. All you need is a web browser and internet connection to access your records, reports, and receipts. No more being tied to the office servers when you need your information quickly or remotely. You can also collaborate your business with partners, employees and your accounting team anytime, anywhere in the world. Best of all you won’t have to pay for annual upgrades or maintenance fees as this is the responsibility of accounting cloud-based services providers.

5. Meeting Compliance Requirements.

Our qualified accountants are up-to-date on all the latest regulatory requirements. We monitor changes in accounting rules and regulations and attend training and seminars to keep ourselves updated with lastest development ensure compliance. The business owner can now have peace of mind in knowing that their accounting tasks are done properly by a qualified expert in the field.