You can now focus on your business while we take care of the compliance

Maintaining a reliable and efficient HR and payroll system is crucial to the relationship between employers and employees. It is the responsibility of all businesses to ensure that the HR system possesses the capability to produce accurate payroll and deductibles information by tracking all necessary details to ensure employees are compensated fairly and accurately. Paying employees on time help to build trust between Company and employees which in turn provide the employee a sense of stability and security. An effective HR is also in the best interest of the company as it can contribute to legal compliance as well. 

We provide outsourced payroll, human resource services, and solutions. From providing accurate computation of payroll and CPF to IR8A preparation,  work pass applications and even government grants & claims submissions, Skillridge Partner is your ideal partner to all your payroll & HR matters. Our services cater to all nature of the business, from local small to medium enterprises (SMEs) to foreign companies. Our services can be customised to suit your needs. If you wish to outsource your payroll functions and enhance your human resource capabilities, let us help you with it.

Our Back office administration and Support Services include:

  • Payroll processing and payroll tax submission

  • Preparation of payroll report, payslips, and IR8A / IR8S forms

  • Administrative of HR functions and support

  • Auto-inclusion scheme submission

  • Application of various work pass

  • Apply Government Grants & Claims for various schemes such as NS man make-up pay, child-care leave, etc.

  • Advice on employment act

  • Data entry